Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is an ongoing process that considers your entire financial picture and how to best take advantage of changing tax laws to improve your financial situation. At MTR Financial Services, LLC, we are knowledgeable about the latest tax laws, to help you avoid costly tax mistakes and benefit from available tax breaks.

Working closely with you, we make complex tax laws - and their ramifications to your individual circumstances - both understandable and useful. We also consider how life changes such as marriage, the birth of a new child, a new business, divorce or death can affect your tax liability as tax law changes.

Tax planning strategies to decrease tax consequences

While an accountant may do your tax preparation, at MTR Financial Services, LLC we complete a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation and create a tax planning strategy to reduce your tax liability. During this process we might have you consider:

  • selling specific investments to offset other income
  • saving in tax-favored accounts
  • utilizing strategies to reduce the alternative minimum tax
  • maximizing retirement plan contributions
  • taking advantage of employee benefits
  • utilizing medical deductions
  • employing strategies for charitable deductions
  • gifting of appreciated assets

Throughout the financial planning process, we have an eye on the tax consequences of each recommendation. Every tax dollar that you save frees up funds to support your financial goals, from sending children to college, to funding your retirement, building a business or providing for your children and grandchildren in the future.

Using a fee-only fiduciary advisor such as MTR Financial Services, LLC provides you with objective tax planning strategies that consider your overall financial picture and support your financial goals...through all seasons of your life.

Contact MTR Financial Services, LLC for a complimentary discussion on how effective tax planning strategies can help you attain your financial goals.